How can I delete web log files?


Please? I find I get “permission denied” regardless because thay have write access only for owner, which is “root”, e.g.

ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 11 Nov 15 23:13 http -> http.585301



Thanks. I was hoping for something more immediate e.g. to rescue from over-quota.

But can I take it that because /logs is not by any of the plan’s users, its storage doesn;t come out of any plan’s user’s quota? I.e. is free?


[quote]“Note: A minimum of 3 days of logs are stored by the system. Any logs older than 3 days will be added to your total disk usage.”



[quote]Seems like even increasing quota number takes a while (hour?)


It does. Deleting files is the only immediate solutrion TMK.

[quote]You could also buy more space.


That merely allows on to increase a fixed quota. It doesn’t increase a quota. And IIUC also takes >=1 hr.