How can I delete a posting in a guestbook

How can I get a posting in someone elses dreambook deleted. The webmaster of the site has long since abandoned his site, is unresponsive to emails so I was wondering if there’s any other way to get my post in his guestbook deleted. I’m sick of it coming up on a google search of my name. Can I contact someone at dreamhost about deleting it? ARGH!

Contact DreamHost support:

Thanks. I tried contacting someone at support. I will reply when I receive an email confirmation from someone.

After contacting the kind people at dreambook they directed me to contact the website administrator. This advice despite telling them that every contact made to the administrators email address came up invalid. Any further advice you could give if I wanted to get a dreambook entry deleted and couldn’t contact the websites creator?

Instead of looking for the website administrator, try searching whois for domain name registrant, and write them at the contact email address provided for the registrant. They can almost certainly “reach” the website administrator running on the domain they control.

Note that this does not mean that they will necessarily assist you with this, but it is worth a try. You might also recognize that you can’t really erase anything from the internet. There are just too many copies and caches around for that to work. Even if you do get the entry removed, it will live on!

As for DreamHost removing the data, that is not going to happen absent a court order or a valid DMCA takedown notice being received from a copyright holder - we don’t censor, or control, users’ content any more than the phone company interferes with what a telephone user says on the phone (it’s a freedom of speech thing). :wink: