How can i contact Dream Host by Phone?

how can i contact Dream Host by Phone? i need to find out the “Nameserver” to make my e-mail work since i bought the domain name from GoDaddy… can anyone help?

DH doesn’t offer phone contact… on entry level plans, beggining with level 2 (sweet dreams) they allow 1 phone callback by month.

From the features page

While we do offer 24 hour technical support via e-mail, sometimes you just need to talk to a human being. We’ve all been there. We’re happy to announce that most of our hosting plans include a varying number of monthly callbacks that you can request every time you submit a support request. Maybe you work late hours and are only home (and awake!) from 2am to 5am. Not a problem. When you request a callback, YOU tell US when we’ll call, not the other way around! Please note that at this time callbacks are limited to our US customers.

alright, can you just help me with finding my nameserver so i can make my e-mail work?

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YOur nameservers if you have your domain register with godaddy but hosted on dreamhost must be., and, also If you want to keep your mail with goddady I suppose you must change the MX entry (all of this on the panel)… maybe you need to tweak some on the “total dns control on godaddy”, and also on email on the dreamhost panel…

Anyway I’m just guessing what you wish to do… maybe if you explain what you plain to do, we can help you?

To change your nameserver on goddady go to your account, my domains select your domain, manage domain, select your desired domain, and on the next screen, search for a icon that says “nameservers” click on it, and where say something like PARK33.SECURESERVER.NET remplace one by one with,, click on Ok, and wait the changes to propagate, in these time you can add your domains on the panel on dh, and edit your email accounts.


You could have found the answer for yourself at

I admit you might not have KNOWN that you could do that, but you do now. If you can’t find it on the wiki, the forums are the next best place to go.

With 400,000+ domains to manange they can’t possibly take calls from every customer whenever the customer wants.


hi, thanks for the info again on the nameservers, i went to change them, and called tech support at godaddy, and dreamhost servers are not working at all with go daddy, how do i cancel with dream host? because the only way to solve this problem is getting the hosting from godaddy at this point.

I myself have a quite few domains registered on goddady for experience I can asure you, that can have the domain registered with godaddy and hosted on dreamhost… remember, you had to add on the panel under domains… before you can use…

Anyway if you want to close your account, go to billing tab and there is close account, if you’re on the 97day money back (payed via credit card… I suppose you can request it)…

IMHO, maybe you must need to read some more on… the help docs on goddady are not near good, and as I have had hosting there to test… well I prefer DH, goddady also had his propietary panel, so you had to learn it to…


Dreamhost nameservers work fine with goDaddy registered domains; there are many sites hosted on Dreamhost that are registered with goDaddy.

As was indicated in earlier posts, you need to set the nameserver records at goDaddy to those of Dreamhost’s.

Once you have done this, and DNS has updated across the web, anyone browsing to your goDaddy registered domain name will see you rDreamhost hosted site.

This is not instantaneous - once you have successfully changed the namserver record information at goDaddy, it will take from a few hours up to several days for that change to be reflected all across the internet.

It will begin to “work” at different times for different people, depending upon the route their connection takes to connect to the site (whether or not the nameservers they use have received the updated information - those that have will see the Dreamhosted site, those that have not will be taken to the old goDaddy site).

Don’t let goDaddy support or anyone else tell you that “DH nameservers will not work with a goDaddy registered domain name” or that you “have to host a domain with goDaddy if your domain is registered there” - that is just not true, and you should not believe it. :wink:


As vicm3 said; domains registered at Godaddy can most definitely be hosted here at DreamHost by configuring the name servers as outlined above. Are you sure you are waiting long enough after making the name server changes for them to propagate across the Internet. This can take a few days and your domain will not resolve correctly until this propagation is complete.


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To quote Miracle Max’s Wife: LIAR!!!

(this is about whoever told you GoDaddy registered domains can’t point somewhere else.)

As an example, is a godaddy registered domain but points to rackspace… And geekbrief is sponsored by GoDaddy.