How can I cancel my registered domain?

How can I cancel my registered domain name?
due to legal reason,I have to cancel my domain.

and what should I do?
thanks for help

If you goto Manage Domains, and click on the X right after the domain name, it will cancel hosting and such for it.

[quote]How can I cancel my registered domain name?

due to legal reason,I have to cancel my domain.

Unless you are specifically asked to do so (by the other party, which I doubt), you would be better off just by letting it expired (and not renewing it).

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Note that cancelling hosting for it will not cancel the domain’s registration. That is, the domain will still be owned by you until the end of the term you registered it for. There is no way to give up registration of a domain other than by transferring the ownership to someone else.

What kind of legal problem would compel you to give up domain registration?

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Sorry, my fault I thought they were wanting to cancel the hosting, didn’t read fully.

I got a letter from lawyer said my domain name was registered with “a bad faith intent to profit”.As I had almost never use this domain,I think I’d better get rid of it.

What’s the domain name, why did you register it, and what are you using it for? Have you confirmed that the letter you received is consistent with the wishes of the company the laywer claims to be working on the behalf of? Are you and the company in question in the same country? US or somewhere else?

Don’t cave in to a C&D unless you know you’re doing something illegal.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Anti-Cybersquatting Piracy Act (ACPA)
Lanham Act S. 43(d)
15 U.S.C. S.1125(d)

That is what it is and below is an address to what it is about. To be honest it is about time this is being done.
You may not be at fault it may be you purchased a harvested domain. Seek council is the best way to deal with this. We have web attornies and business attornies. Don’t let it scare you. Since this may just be another exploited form of spam.


I have some more info about domain disputes in my site:

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[quote]What’s the domain name …


NEVER reveal your domain name with legal complications in a public forum, it will only do you more harm. Don’t even reveal it “privately” to just anybody who asks.

[quote]Don’t cave in to a C&D …


Don’t listen to amateurs who render their so-called advice, because after all it’s YOU who will bear all consequences, legal and financial. You may want to consult your lawyer, or ask only the REAL experts.

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