How can i apply for resume my account

you told me in "Support " -> “Support History”.
We have noticed a number of large media files (ie. movies, music
files, etc) located under your ‘xiabill’ account.

/home/xiabill/backup/vhosts/ 23/Brokeback.Mountain.DVDSCR.XviD-DoNE.chs_cojIlF2E6szC.rar
/home/xiabill/backup/vhosts/ 27/Rize[1].2005.REAL.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-VALiOMEDiA_0l1P0Mn2gl3a.rar

We recognize that many large media files are totally fine (for
example, we have many customers who share home movies, their
band’s MP3 music files, etc). This sort of thing is great and
we encourage it.

and disablement my account

but i had deleted these files as soon as i recevied your mail.
plz check the files and resume my account
my id:xiabill


You’re not meant to be uploading movies etc in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess you’d better contact support directly for this.

I had Contacted with them to deal with this thing
but i don’t kown why my account was still locked.

It may be that the decision to unlock your account has to be taken by someone further up the chain of command who perhaps is only available during certain times i.e. office hours such as 9am - 11am every third Wednesday. So that may be the reason for any delay.

Since these forums get visited by various bots you may wish to reconsider your original post and maybe edit or delete it somewhat. I only say that because the commercial Movie businesses do actively and aggressively search for infringements of their members IP rights in whichever country an offender might, or might not, reside. The content you may have had on your acccount may or may not be illegal but it may be best not to hold up a big flag saying, “Here I am, come and get me.”, or indeed to leave DreamHost in such a position.

The details you provide in your post may also be a little too personal for an open world-wide forum.

Good Luck.


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