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I’m new to DH, and trying to add an additional domain to DH, as they promised unlimited domains while signing up, but here’s a small problem. I’ve registered my domain with Godaddy, and wanted to point it to a DH file (as I do with other hosts), but couldn’t find the link that allows me to do so. What I found instead, is a way to transfer my domain name to DH. I don’t want to transfer, just want to point it to a new file … is there any solution, or I am obliged to transfer the domain to DH to have another site with a new domain name?

The DH KB from tells ->
4. Use the drop-down menu below to indicate whether or not you want this domain to be fully hosted (meaning that we host the content on our servers, with your domain pointing to it).

But I couldn’t even found that drop down …

any suggestion, anybody? Thanks.


Go to Control Panel >> Domains >> Manage Domains >> [Add New Domain / Sub-Domain] and simply add the domain. Make sure that the DNS record is pointing to the DreamHost nameservers (,,, which you must do with the GoDaddy control panel.

All of my domains are registered with GoDaddy, so feel free to ask me for more help if you need it.

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hey, thanks for your fast reply. In fact I couldn’t find the link to add a new domain … the only link they are giving is to ‘fully host’ the domain, means I need to transfer the domain if I click there … there are other links as well, but those are for redirection etc. Where do u click exactly to add a domain (no transfer, and where the new domain looks like a different site) … thanks again

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Log into your Godaddy account.
Click the ‘myaccount’ link top right.
Hover mouse over ‘Domain names’ and select ‘Manage Domains’.

Click on your domain and you will notice over on the right some blue panels. Click on the plus sign next to ‘Nameserver Summary’ to expand the section if it is not already.

Select the option ‘click here to see details or modify’.
Select custom name servers and in the boxes enter:-

Then press the green ‘save changes’ button.

Your domain will now be registered at godaddy but the nameservers will change (24-48 hrs or even sooner)to allow you to host the domain at DreamHost.

You can add in your domain via he ‘manage domains’ option in the DreamHost Panel.



Hi, thanks. I have changed the nameserver info at Go daddy. But I am wondering how can I add that to DH? :frowning: Not finding any link for that … DH is asking for ‘domain transfer’ apparently …

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hi, i’ve added . I was confused as they asked for fully hosted, etc …

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Yes it is confusing. They are differentiating between giving the domain webspace and facilities compared with other options like mirroring domains etc.
Glad you sorted it.