How best to transfer site

Only Transfer is not really the correct term:

  • I currently have a website hosted on a different service.
  • I want to host it on DreamHost.
  • I allready have a couple of websites hosted at DreamHost
    ( so this is not a new… but an add domain sittuation. )
  • I don’t want to “transfer”, I want to build a “new” website at DG (but with the same domain) and then once build just delete the original.

To get started building the new one do I just “add new domain” via the “web panel”? Will this work with the existing one still out there?

If I “add new domain” through the web panel can I then access it by changing my “hosts” file to point to the DS version so that I can work with the DB copy?

Is this the best way to do it or is my thinking flawed?

Dave Blakemore

This wiki article is pretty close. Just Add New Domain like you did for your other sites and then see below:


Thanks Scott,

I think more than anything I was just lacking a little confidence to jut do it.

I created the new domain, then decided to set up a subdomain / mirror to access it.

So far seems to be working out okay.

Dave Blakemore