How and where to take the next steps towards learning more?


Hey all,

So… I’m not going to tell the entire story of how I got to this point, because I think it would end up being a novel of its own, but I’ve realized that it is just not enough to know the user’s side in order to run WP sites. Everybody has their own opinion on this, but IMHO, it just isn’t enough to know everything on the WP beginner’s pages, everything in *Wordpress: The Missing Manual", everything about posts/links/galleries/video embeds/installing plugins/moderating comments etc etc etc; I think you can all see what I mean… the user’s side is not enough. I ended up running three sites because nobody with more tech knowledge is going to do any of it, and I know the user’s side very well, but it is NOT going to cut it in order to run three sites. That kind of knowledge is great until you run into a real problem, and then a local developer is telling you that it might take up to 10 hours at $75 an hour to fix it.

So here’s the question. HOW do people take that step to bridge the gap? It just seems that there’s such a gulf between info on the user’s side and info on the back-end, admin, behind the scenes side. My ideal would be a site/course/ebook/actual book/who knows what called:

“What To Do When You Realize That You Need to Know More Than Superficial Information About Wordpress.”

Here’s really the key: This source would assume that you already know how to do a 5 minute install, how to change appearance, how to install plugins, how to change settings, widgets, themes, header/background, etc etc etc, everything that is immediately obvious and front-end. That would not be gone over again. But it also wouldn’t assume that you already know the admin/back end aspects, but that you are there to LEARN them.

There has to be a way to do this. I’m NOT giving up!! Can anyone give advice or directions?


The best thing you can do is learn the lingo. WP is a PHP/MySQL based software so learning PHP and MySQL will go a long way. If you know the language you would be able to do whatever customization you wanted and make your own plug-ins to suit you. I can tell you, you don’t have to pay anyone anything. I am someone who learns as I go and I use the power of the internet to find resources for free. It will take time to learn any new language though but it is worth taking the time. There are tons of tutorials out there. Youtube is actually my go to for practically everything these days but you could just google for tutorials.

As for any immediate issues, paying a developer may be the way to go for you. $75 dollars is actually not unreasonable. I don’t know what sort of problem you are still having with WP other than the registration e-mail issue so I can’t tell you if 10 hours to do whatever you were asking is unreasonable or not. With that being said, though, is 10 hours less than what you would have to spend to fix whatever it is? If you think you would spend considerably more time researching it may be worth it… if it’s not mission critical you may want to try and do it yourself.


I know, you heard this a lot of time already but “searching online” for answers is still the best way to do this. I mean, if budget is an issue.

Personally, I think every issue that I encounter is more like a blessing. It gives me the chance to learn something or discover something new. It is time consuming but you can consider looking for answers on your own and got them fixed as an investment. You will hold on to that knowledge forever.