How allow phpmyadmin through firewall / Prefered Firewall

Hi, I can access phpmyadmin when the firewall is disabled but not when it is enabled. I have port 3306 setup in the firewall. Is there another port I need to be allowing for access to phpmyadmin?

Also is there a prefered firewall for Ubuntu 14? I have used APF Firewall in the past but guess it doesn’t work with the current Ubuntu kernel?


Doug B.

Hi Doug,

For the phpmyadmin ports, I don’t think you’d need anything besides 3306 and the HTTP or HTTPS (80 or 443) ports opened. Remember that you’ll need to assign the security group to the instance in addition to just the default security group rules.

For the “firewall” portion of your question, by default our Ubuntu 14 images do not have a software firewall enabled. If you do want to enable it, the recommended firewall in the Ubuntu Server Guide is Uncomplicated Firewall -

Yes I remembered the security group part and that was in there. I re-entered the HTTP and HTTPS into the firewall again and it seems to have taken this time. Phpmyadmin seems to be connecting just fine now with the firewall enabled…

Thanks again Justin…

Doug B.