Hotlinking question

Happy New year all :slight_smile:

Ok, just last night I found the hotlinking page in the cp and set it up with my site, only allowing 2 sites to link anything.

Lemme show what my problem is, try opening this file

you get a 404 right? So far so good. BUT, backspace the file name so it ends in /files and reload the page. Go into files and click the link again.

What am I missing here? Seems like an all too easy work around for the hotlinking protection, effective making it useless for anyone with even a little web experience.

Anyway to completely safe gaurd my files from this?



Did you want the list of your files shown when someone just types in the directory like that? If not, turn that off by adding this…
Options -indexes
… to your .htaccess file. Not sure about other solutions, but at least this way it can’t be clicked on from that list.


Well I used DH’s htaccess area to set it up. I would like to keep the file indexes for my friends but still be able to post links on a popular forum without worrying about them getting around the hotlink and reposting without my permission.

I guess its like cake/eating it :slight_smile:

“Protecting” by referrer limitations has never been a very effective method of security; there are many ways around it.

– Dan