Hotlinked image

Someone is hotlinking to an image of mine on a foreign forum that doesn’t allow me to register. How can I find out which image it is so I can switch it out?

Your logs or your stats should give you a pretty good indication :wink: - How did you find out about the linking if you didn’t see it in your logs/stats/?


Stats referrer report says a URL makes requests but 0 pages. Logs can tell you what image is requested by that URL.

Time to have some fun with your bandwidth thieves. I had a neighbor hotlink his avatar for our community forum from some other site.

Things went downhill rather rapidly when the host swapped that pic out for tubgirl but kept the same name.

Needless to say he learned to not hotlink.

LOL, that’s great!

Umm, I take it that to avoid blindness I shouldn’t ask who tubgirl is, right?

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Being shamelessly curious to my own detriment, it’s not blindness you should fear. It’s losing your lunch. Good thing I can close a window in the blink of an eye.