Hi, I am installing egroupware and it is asking for:

“Limit access to setup to the following addresses, networks or hostnames (e.g.,10.1.1,”

I know how to find my ip address through manage domains, but what do I put in for the hostname?

any help is much appreciated.


Disclaimer: I’m just going by general technical knowledge, not anything specific to egroupware.

I think it’s asking you to enter the hosts that it’s going to allow to use the setup pages. I don’t think this part of the configuration will be useful to you unless you are going to access and manage the site from a browser at a static IP address.

I’m not sure whether this setting is just for the initial setup or for ongoing configuration.

The least secure option that is guaranteed not to create technical problems for you is to leave it blank.

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I am not sure either, so I will post in the egroupware forum.

I read this, and think it is probably a good idea for neighbors on my server…

"# Limit access to setup to the following addresses, networks or hostnames (e.g.,10.1.1,

Important, since the Setup-Login has no protection against brute-force attacks (random password attempts). "

I do have the strictly business plan which offers a free ip…if that is what it needs…

thanks for your help. I will write back what I discover, in the event someone else at dreamhost comes across this.


they are correct as it is asking for what IP’s/hostnames are allowed to connect to the setup page. I do not believe you have to specify that.

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