Hostname Trouble

I want to make a sub-domain name point to an ip address so say i have a website on my home computer and my home computers ip address is Example show the content on my home server i dont want ip redirection or and iframe. Can anyone help with this?

navigate in the panel to manage domains:

click “DNS” for the domain in question.

Second block down on that page “Add a custom DNS record to

You want an A record.

Ok ill try that thanks

hmm, i haven’t looked into this for almost a year, but i seem to recall using a CNAME when I pointed a subdomain to an external server…

hmm, i guess it depends on where you are pointing… If the remote site is already named within DNS then a CNAME record would indeed be appropriate. Pointing at an IP address as the OP mentioned would require an A record would it not?

ah, you’re probably right. it’s not an area i’m very well familiar with. i’ve just checked and all my CNAMEs go to names, As go to IPs