Hostname not creating?

hi, so i created a hostname for a new sql database but it doesnt seem to be created (im sure i did everything correctly)… still nothing after almost 9 hours.

i sent two requests for support, once 9 hours ago and another 5 hours ago… surprisingly nothing came back.

i just switched to dreamhost and i cant really set up this host for what it’s suppose to do so, im just wondering if anyone know any solution.

11 hours, a lil more then 10 to 15 min
still doesnt work and no replies from the company

going to sleep i guess

Looks like you are stuck - you have done all you can do until Dreamhost techs look into it. It sucks, I know. On the bright side, “Sleep is good,” and tomorrow is likely to bring a fix.


Have you tried creating the database again using a different MySQL hostname? The original database request may have dropped out of the queue and not been created.


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You should wait for 24 hours. It will usually work then :slight_smile:

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it wasn’t me! I’ve been fiddling with this nonsense all night feeling thick as a brick (and worse for secretly believing I wasn’t)!

Okay. So, maybe today was a bad day to sign up.

Now things work!

so my domain wasnt activated.
ok, the database seem to be created altho it says i have no privilege… i’ll need to farther test it.

if i can get throu problems uploading… “sigh”

STATUS:> Sending Thumbs.db
227 Entering Passive Mode (208,113,136,243,171,166).
COMMAND:> STOR Thumbs.db
STATUS:> Connecting data socket…
ERROR:> Failed to establish data socket
ERROR:> Timeout
STATUS:> Failed to send Thumbs. db
STATUS:> Sending trackback_pingback.gif
ERROR:> Can’t open data socket
ERROR:> Can’t retrieve directory listing
STATUS:> Uploading directory styles…
COMMAND:> MKD styles
COMMAND:> CWD styles
ERROR:> Failed to create remote directory

this did not happen yesturday, is the world against me or is it just dreamhost. lol