can someone please explain to me how i can get my domain hosted. I signed up with a hosting plan, but it is under plans and not hosting. Then when i go into “manage domains” it says that i have no domains. Any info would he helpful.
Thank you


did you click add a new domain/subdomain under manage domains in the panel?


yes, and when i clicked that it brought me to a page that said fully hosted etc. I went into that and tried to add and it said that i don not ave any domains on this acct. I am so aggrivated right now! I know its probably something so easy, i just cant figure it out. Thanks for your reply


Is the domain already registered or is it a new one that you need to register?


do you have a domain? You can point it to your DH account:’’’ ‘’‘ ‘’‘’’’

or register one through dreamhost. If you have one, have pointed it to DH and it still doesn’t show up, you should contact support.


yes its already registered, just not hosted. I was told to go to manage domians then click the add new domain/sub domain link. Which was supposed to take me to a page that would allow me to type in the domain( there was no page that i could do that) then click Fullly host this domain now. I wrote back to support but they have not responded.


Yeah, you’re suppose to do that.

Why not try again? Maybe the panel was down or something?

It should work!