Don’t ever host a site with Dreamhost as you will never be able to change it. They do not answer messages, there is no way to contact them via phone. They are absolutely the worst company to deal with. Once you register a domain with Dreamhost it is like getting involved with the Mafia. You can not get away. So before you register, run to someone else. If you are reading this, Dreamhost, answer me and I will retract my statement. But, you won’t, will you? Bloody crooks!!!

I’m not from Dream Host – BUT I have been happily hosted with them for over a year this time around – I was also hosted with them for on the order of a year and a half ending around 2 years ago – had no problems removing my acount then - and unlike the provider I used in between did not get a ton of come back to us spam when I left…

I have had a few problems with Support messing up but they alway got right back – even when they were wrong…

I’m also not from Dreamhost, but I can’t let your negative statements stand unchallenged.
I’ve found Dreamhost to be prompt and professional, and the Support people are responsive and deal with problems quickly and with good humor.
Nobody’s perfect, of course, but the way that people deal with imperfection says a lot about them. Dreamhost does it right.

Jeff - should we send someone out to break his legs?

The red eagle flies at sunset.

[quote]Jeff - should we send someone out to break his legs?


Naw. Fuhgeddaboutit! :>

Banning -

Thanks for writing with your concerns. I’m not sure where the system let you down, but if you want to write back and explain what your ordeal is, I’ll be more than happy to look into it for you.

Our usual policy when someone leaves is to ask them why they want to go (just so we know why - to help us improve our services in the future). We also usually ask to make sure that their content is backed up. We certainly don’t force anyone to keep hosting with us when they don’t want to.

That said, I can most definitely state that there is absolutely no mafia activity going on within our organization.

We stopped running our contraband and protection rackets years ago. :>

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Wow, that’s som vitrol. Coming up on 4 years of hosting with DH and I’ve never had more than a minor issue, nor anything that took support more than a few hours to respond to.

On top of that, I set up a Dreamhost acocunt for somebody a while ago, and was later able to cancel the account without any problems at all.

If you contact support on the day of their daughters wedding they HAVE to grant your request. Its the code.
BTW ty for the horses head script

I’ve been hosting with Dreamhost for over four years now, and am very happy with them. The one time I decided to move a site away from them (because it was using a ton of bandwidth and at the time their bandwidth limits were a lot lower than they are now), I had no problems at all. In fact, I ended up later moving that site back to them because the other host sucked.

I’ve always found them prompt in answering tech support queries - in the 4+ years I’ve been here, and with the dozens of domains I’ve hosted here, I can count on one hand the number of times tech support has ever needed a nag or reminder about anything.

As a professional web developer, whose clients often have hosting with other companies arranged before hiring me, I’ve dealt with more web hosts than I can count offhand, and Dreamhost have consistently been by far the best. They even offer support with things no other web host I’ve dealt with does, like user-installed CGI scripts. Every other host I’ve ever dealt with leaves you on your own with those.

With regard to domain name registration, transfers are in my experience processed by the registrar you’re transferring TO, not the one you’re transferring from, so if you’ve encountered problems there, it’s probably with the new registrar’s system.