Hosting wp at dreamhost without moving dns to dreamhost

Just signed up to dreamhost. It seems that I need to move DNS to dreamhost in order to host a wp site.
I find this hard to believe, but I can’t find any documentation on how to just point the dns record for www to my wp site at dreamhost.

If it is not possible to host a wp site at dreamhost without moving dns to dreamhost I need to cancel my dreamhost account. I host and manage all my domains in one place and want to keep it that way.


Here’s the help article that explains the process:

I think OP means he doesn’t want to alter nameservers.

If you’re on a Shared plan you’ll first need to add a custom IP to your plan (VPS and Dedi plans should already include one).

  1. Add your domain here in Panel
  2. Look at it’s DNS records that are automatically set up
  3. Copy them to the panel of your preferred nameserver

Edit: All records except those marked “NS”, as they will be irrelevant.

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Ah, good point @sXi – most of that article is about changing name-servers (note to self: be sure to read, rather then just skim article before posting!). Near the end it mentions the option of just changing A records, and points to this article which is probably what OP was looking for:

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It’s important to note (which DH’s articles apparently no longer do) that simply setting DNS records as outlined in those instructions can be problematic if on Shared hosting as the powers that be can move your entire account at any time to a completely different server, transferring your domain to a different IP, with no guarantee that you will be informed of the move – neither before they do it or even after it has happened.

Yea, the possibility of IP address changes are annoying. I was mulling over whether one could use CNAME/ANAME DNS records to symbolically map to DH’s subdomains? That would make setup easier and avoid address change snafus.

Experimentally, I tried setting up a CNAME for a subdomain and it seems to work (only tested HTTP). I.e. On DH, I setup HTTP hosting for the normal way and then on my DNS provider I setup:   CNAME

I wouldn’t recommend that the OP do this, because DH doesn’t officially bless this method and there may be unforeseen issues.

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It’s the same end issue if you get shifted due to some bad neighbour chewing up resources (or your own account becoming large enough to being needed to be moved away in order to appease your own neighbours). and alias subbies point to the same box (they sometimes appear to be running on a different Apache instance – but there are several Apache instances running on each Shared host).

If you have multiple subdomains and aliases on a single account you’ve probably noticed that your apache instances can differ, as can the apparent IP, but they’re all on the same box.

If your primary account is moved then all of your endpoints change because everything has to be remapped internally to the new box and subsequently new IPs/Apache instances running on that box.

I don’t have my DH notes at hand right now to copy/pasta a quick query via hosted php or perl to echo which Apache instance any particular (sub)domain is attached to on creation, but if you log in over SFTP or shell you can take a gander at /etc/ and it will show you how many instances are available on your box.

On my shared ( there are over 30.


Screenie of for clarification.

ffs. Note to myself: read correctly what I’m replying to… CNAME

This hack should work, however CNAME are no longer recommended (for a few years now).
Don’t ask my why, I’m drinking!

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