Hosting Wordpress blog

OK, so I have figured out how to ftp files and create/view my subdirectories. I have one-clicked wordpress and the files appear on my directories.
I’m having some trouble still in getting the blog to work.
It’s been a little complicated, because I bought the domain from another host. Can someone help me figure out the proper setup? What do I enter as the name server with the 3rd party domain host? How do I access my Wordpress blog via Dreamhost (as opposed to via How do I get my blog to recognize the blog template I have placed in my subdirectories on Dreamhost.

Once DNS updating is complete, simply point your browser to where you have installed WordPress on Dreamhost (http://yourdomain.tld/, or http://blog.dreamhosthttp://yourdomain/.tld/blog, etc). The email you received upon completion of the “once-click” install will tell you.

You don’t have to do anything - once DNS is properly set-up and the installation of WordPress is completed, template uploaded to the proper dir in your WordPress installation will “automagically” show up in the WordPress backend, where you can select them for use. :wink:


OK, I apologize for this–did I mention I’m an absolute beginner?–but I took the steps you suggested, and apparently I don’t know what password was given to me to open my blog. That is, I have the URL to login, but I don’t know what my password is nor am I even sure of my username (the messages say I should log in as “admin” and suggests I have been given a password, but I can’t find one). Do I need to scrap my subdirectories and attempt a reinstall, or can I recover my password?

When you completed the one-click installation of WordPress, you should have received an email from the “One-click installation robot”, that had instructions in it. Can you locate that?

When you completed the install, a password was assigned for the “admin” user, and a message on the screen told you to write that down, as you will need it to “log-in” for the first time. If you don’t have that available, you will have to take another approach.

There are several methods you can use. First, go the the WordPress login page, and click the “Lost your password” link, enter “admin” for the user name, and instructions sahould be emailed to the email address you assigned to the admin user at install time. Other methods are described in the WordPress Codex article on “Resetting Your Password”, though you may find some of those more difficult to follow.

Of course, you could delete the old installation, and re-install, but I’d try these things first!