Hosting Without Domain Name


I’m currently rebuilding a site and want to setup a hosting package with a clean wordpress install. I can’t seem to find a way to do that without associating it with a domain name.

I’d prefer just to do it by IP for now and then redirect the exiting site once it’s live / tested etc.

Any tips?



You can’t do it by IP only on shared hosting, unless you have a dedicated IP.

What you can do depends on whether the domain is here or elsewhere now.

If it’s here, just create a sub-domain such as and build your new site there. When you add the sub-domain on the manage domains page of the panel if you use the same user as the main site it’s a relatively simply and painless process to switch them over when you are ready to go live.

If the DNS for the domain is pointing elsewhere (to another hosting company) then you will need to use a free subdomain and a mirror using these directions:

and lastly if you haven’t even registered the domain name yet, just make a free subdomain and do it there.


Thanks for the quick response! Additional q’s.

The subdomain looks like it just creates a new folder, not a new wordpress database, any risk of when we upload our site (being developed locally) it inteferes with the existing wordpress database?

Is a better idea to register a ‘temporary’ domain and setup a new wordpress database and then point the existing domain to the ‘temporary’ domains location on the shared server?


you were supposed to create the sub-domain and make it a MIRROR of the domain name you will eventually use. you must’ve added the domain to be fully hosted. go to the manage domain sections and edit the sub-domain and make it a mirror.