Hosting without domain - for testing



This is my first time using Dreamhost.

I have my domain registered on another hosting and would not want to transfer it to Dreamhost right away as I already have a site hosted on the domain.

I would like to run an instance of wordpress on Dreamhost. Is it possible to host a site on an IP? and have an FTP for the same.

How do I go about this? All I need is an FTP address to upload files and an IP address to view them online.


No need for just the IP.

  1. Add your real domain to the DreamHost control panel fully hosted
  2. Add a domain and mirror your real domain from step 1, should be something like
  3. Create a MySQL Host on the domain should be something like
    3.1. Wait for DNS to propagate before trying step 4, when you can go to and get the phpMyAdmin screen you’re golden.
  4. Install WP etc… on the domain.