Hosting with dreamhost

I’d like to host my site with dreamhost and have gone through the signup process to check things out. I have a domain name and would like to enter it after setting up my site. Does Dreamhost offer a entry to the management panel and can I simply point my domain name to dreamhost to set it up or do I need to go through a lenthy process to get my domain to my site?

If you have a domain name that is registered elsewhere you can add it to your hosting on the manage domains page in the panel. (If you get an error because that domain name has been previously used at dreamhost and is still in the system on someone else account then you will need to contact support.)

Once that’s done you can set the site up but you won’t be able to navigate to it from outside yet. To set up your site first see:

When you are ready to switch the DNS so that the domain is pointing to dreamhost, the simplest of many things that you can do is log into your registrars site (not dreamhost) and change the nameservers for the domain to,, (once you make this change it will take 12-72 hours to actually occur)

Yes, Lake Rat, I’ve gone through it and now I have a final question. The wiki clearly shows that with I can set up the site just like if I pointed my domain and started off fresh. The question I have is does the have to be deleted after the FLIP? Will they both be there eternally or will automatically erase

I could also point my domain, one click dreampress, put up a front page with a link to my other site, publish it, and then work on the new Dreamhost site without losing customers. I could also set up Outlook Express and have my email setup and enter the addresses on my .net site before finishing off the Dreamhost site.

Need your opinion here. Be kind, understand I only speak English and that Geek is a foreign language to me.

You can use to reach your server by ftp, you can not however access your site from the web using

What you might be referring to is the free domain that you can use to create a mirror so that you can access your site before the dns change. The mirror is a pretty simple solution to use once you understand it, but my personal preference is to either alter the hosts file locally or use dreamhosts DNS servers. Those methods both avoid this.