Hosting with Dreamhost, domain elsewhere


I have a domain with another hosting company and I would like to point it to a site hosted with dreamhost.

If possible please could you inform me as to how would I go about doing this? I have a small understanding of how DNS works.



Well you need to log into your account with whatever domain registrar and change the nameservers to , , and then just log into your DH control panel and go to manage domains and add your domain to be fully hosted. You may also want to create a dreamhosters subdomain by going to the same spot and adding something like and make it a mirror of so that way you can actually work on your website while you are waiting for the dns changes to propagate :slight_smile:


Wait a second, i may be confused. If it’s a URL at another site pointing to an existing dreamhost website (which is how I read the original post) then there are two option.

You can log in where ever the domain is registered and create a re-direct there to point to the dreamhost site,

Or second even better, redirect the namesservers as Ryo-ohki mentions, then create the re-direct on the dreamhost side, under manage domains.

Sorry if I have added unnecessary confusion.


Ah yes I probably read the OP wrong. I thought he meant he registered a domain with another host (but wasn’t actually having it hosted there). If it was being hosted I would just do a 301 redirect to his DH site. If not he can just change the nameservers over to DH and either make it fully hosted or a mirror of his other site. I would do a 301 redirect instead of making one domain a mirror of the other permanently though because google and most search engines frown on different sites with duplicate content.


Thanks Ryo-ohki and LakeRat!

I did indeed write my question wrong, I meant a new site for the domain with dreamhost. Therefore I think Ryo-ohki’s first response answers my question.

Thank you so much!