Hosting with DH and Domain elsewhere


I have registered a domain with GoDaddy which is due to expire on 2011. Now, can I host my website here and ‘connect it’ with that domain?

If I transfer the domain , with a $9.9 transfer fee, will I get the validity up to 2011?

I have few domains (just domain names) with GD and I want to transfer them and host sites, if that will make things easier.

Thanks for your help,

You can host it here, but need to set your GoDaddy registration to use the DreamHost Name Servers:

If you transfer your registration for the $9.95, they should tack a year on the end so it’ll expire in 2012. You don’t need to transfer them if you just set GD to use the DH name servers, but transferring does let you use anonymous WHOIS information (i.e. privacy guard) for free.