Hosting w/ DH but regged w GoDaddy


I have a site registered with GoDaddy. How can I get that domain to use my DH hosting? Do I “HAVE TO” transfer my registration?

If so, then I have a possible work-around:
I created a free dreamhoster sub-domain; let’s call it
How do I connect the GoDaddy regged domain to this dreamhoster url?

All I know about any of this is that I need to change my NS records at GoDaddy and I know the 3 for DH are and so on… ns2 … and ns3…



You do not have to transfer the registeration to DH. You can keep with GoDaddy. Just point the NS servers to, and

Altough, I should remind you that with some (all?) plans you do get One Free domain registration.


I have already used my free registration, but this is for an old site with just two pages.

So say I set the NS’s to the DH servers (ns1, ns2, ns3…)
Then what? Do I need to do some forwarding stuff?

What I used to do is forward the GoDaddy reged .com to my ISP hosting, so it was a direct forward to…yadda yadda

Now I want to change that Comcast stuff to my DH sub-domain. So…I change the NS’s, do I change the forwarding?

If I do change forwarding, will it replace the .com with the sub-domain or cloak it? I’d liek to cloak it; I’m trying not to give away my hosting in the URL.


OLD URL to forward to:


NEW URL to forward to:

Thanks again.


Change the nameservers associated with your registered domain at GoDaddy.

After you do that, you’ll need to go into your web panel and add a new domain where you’ll be able to specify where you want the domain to be forwarded to (ie: on your host).

Since it’s only two pages, you could also very easily add a fully hosted domain on your Dreamhost plan and just transfer over the files.


I think I get it…

  1. Add a fully hosted site, with the correct unix folder for this site and the .com I registered thru GD.
  2. Change the nameservers @ GoDaddy to the DH servers

By adding a fully hosted site, the DH nameservers say that the given .com maps to the unix folder I supplied. Since I obviously own the site, I will change the nameservers on GD to the DH servers which, as I stated say that .com goes to the unix folder. Is this understanding correct for web-hosting and domains?

Thank you!