Hosting Video



Hi All,

I am trying to allow video hosting on my website where outside parties can upload video on to my website (as YouTube allows). To give some background, we are a non-profit organization creating a video competition to raise awareness around high school graduation rates. We want to have participants upload their videos on to our website so they can be viewed by others and subsequently uploaded on to our YouTube channel as well.

I am trying the Brightcove package but cannot figure it out. None of us have ever designed a website so our knowledge is limited.

Can anyone help?



I believe brightcove is itself a hosting platform, in that case the actual upload would go to brightcove. If you don’t know about it they also have a support forum here:

Are you trying to feature brightcove content on a website hosted here, or implement a video solution hosted on dreamhost?


I’m not featuring Brightcove in any way, it just seemed like a package that would work for the issue that I am trying to solve. There may be something else out there (or not) that will allow me to host video (from outside users) on the site. Essentially, that is all I am trying to do (Brightcove or not).

Thanks Lakerat!


I’ll pass the next answer for you onto someone with more experience hosting video here. I have basic understanding of the brightcove experience, but i read too much into your message.


With all due respect, if no one in your group has any experience making a website, it’s going to be very difficult to replicate youtube. Why not just make a channel in youtube and embed it?


Making our own youtube channel and having users upload there is actually our second option. If we cannot figure it out we will end up going that route.