Hosting video that is too long to host on YouTube

I have a video presentation that I created in Camtasia, its about 17 minutes long and YouTube wont accept it as its too long.

I have uploaded it to ScreenCast…but on their free account they have a bandwidth limit of 2GB/month…that means that if the video is viewed about 20 times it will exceed the monthly limit and so not be viewable.

If I have a video prepared in Camtasia, is it possible to host the file on DreamHost and link to it from my site rather than using a host like YouTube or ScreenCast.

I’ve been some more reading on what options are available and I hadn’t noticed before the QuickTime / Flash streaming add-ons that are available on DreamHost.

It seems like either would probably do the job and Camtasia can export to MP4/FLV/SWF and to QuickTime.

I have only just started to play around with embedded video using YouTube. I’ll probably go with one of teh DreamHost options so I was wondering if anyone has experience of using the streaming addons from DreamHost that they could share to help me make a choice.

I’ve been doing a bit more experimenting with this.

Camtasia can create a SWF files, as I’m using Joomla 15 I have uploaded the folder from Camtasia containing the SWF files to /images/my_SWF_files

I then used the embed media option on the TinyMCE editor to add the SWF file and it seems to work ok…I can embed the SWF file in my web page.

Is there any reason why this isnt a good solution to pursue rather than using either of the streaming media options.

The streaming here has worked fine for me, but I never was able to spend the time tweaking all the streaming settings to my liking. Since I didn’t care of the content was downloaded, I just threw the .mov file into one of my site’s subdirectories and served it from there (not streamed). So I had a page on my site with an embed code that pointed to http://mysite/video/ and that worked fine for me.

I’ve always found xmoovstream to work wonderfully for pseudostreaming FLV

I think I’ll stick to just serving the content from a subfolder for the time being as I only plan to just serve small videos (1 minuteor so) for the time being.

That will solve my immediate problem and give me some time to look in to using the streaming options for larger videos later on.

hmmm so i guess the intent changed between post#1 and post#6

Not really, my original problem still needs resolved…I still have a need to stream one long video, its in MP4 format and is 90 minutes long.

I just reckoned it would be easier to figure out my options using 1 minute videos rather 90 minute videos.

I’ve been looking at the DreamHost Flash Media player again, does anyone know if DreamHost can convert large MP4 files (2.5Gig) to play in their Flash Media Player.

Use MediaCoder, FormatFactor, or Super. They all work well.

Thanks, I’ll have a look.