Hosting transfer-what happens with email addresses


n00by question perhaps, but here goes:

I’m transferring a friends site to dreamhost (just hosting…domain reg is staying with network solutions).

He’s going register with dreamhost (i.e. his own brand new account) and i think I understand the transfer protocol (change nameservers etc). He’s creating his site from scratch with joomla1.5, so transferring content and/or mirroring the site is not critical.

BUT…he has 4 different email accounts attached to his domain. I’ve already asked him to set those up to forward to another email account not attached to his domain (a sympatico account from his isp) but my question is this:

does he have to create (or recreate) those exact email addresses on dreamhost?

It seems obvious, but I can not find this specific issue in either the wiki or discussions. (my google-fu may be weak today, but I can’t find this info, so apologies if it’s out there)

hopefully this is clear…



Absolutely. Setting up a domain here only creates the “public_html” folder for hosting your domain. It’s not really “public_html,” but it’ll be a “” folder.

However, when creating the domain, it does have to be “owned” by a user in the Panel, and that user can have an e-mail address. I generally don’t make that user an email address I normally use. It’s more like an admin email address.