Hosting transfer -- DNS problems

The wiki tells me that among the first steps in hosting transfer from another provider is the “Manage Domains” section of the webmin. I enter the domain I wish to begin “fully” hosting, but it gets kicked out with the message “Domain already exists in our servers”. I assume that means there is an entry in the Dreamhost BIND database (and that’s just an educated guess, I’m no sysadmin) for the old host. But I want to leave the old host! I don’t need Dreamhost to start updating its DNS records immediately. I just need to set up a www subdir and some mail aliases, and then I need to expand a tar into it, make sure it’s working, then switch the nameservers at the registrar…you know the deal! What do I do?

To contact the technical support team, simply log in to your account control panel, click the ‘Support’ tab, and choose ‘Contact Support’.

They will be able to investigate the issue.

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May we ask the domain name? It’s odd that it already exists somewhere at DreamHost, but maybe there’s a workaround in the mean time.