Hosting subdomains only; main domain elsewhere

I have a domain with various subdomains all of which I’ve been hosting from my home server. I’d like to have the hostname map to my existing home service, but serve web pages from dreamhost. Most of my web pages are in subdomains, so they can be easily directed to dreamhost, and I can use a redirect on my home server to map a relatively small number of web requests to dreamhost.

The problem is DNS: I can solve it using an external nameserver that resolves to my home machine, and the various sub-domains to dreamhost. However, that doesn’t seem like a stable situation, since the dreamhost IP address can (I gather) change with no notice. So it is better to use dreamhost’s nameserver. But is that possible? I can certainly add a new A record for that points to my home machine. However, that yields two A records for, since dreamhost doesn’t supress the automatically-generated one in this case, and I suspect that wouldn’t be robust.

This isn’t a feature I can’t live without, since had planned on instead using a new subdomain for my home machine. However, that does mean I have to change a bunch of things, including generating a new certificate.


I haven’t messed with it, but I’d guess that it’s possible, reading through the Wiki:,_A,_CNAME,_etc)?

It wouldn’t hurt to run it by support first, if you have any specific questions or doubts about doing it.

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The link you posted points to a page with no text, so I can’t tell if it is helpful.

However, perhaps I wasn’t clear: I know how to add custom DNS records. What I want to do is remove (override) the automatically-generated A record, since otherwise there are two different A records for the same name. I assume that woudn’t work, unless I can count on the one I added taking precedence.

hmm… The forum software added the underscores and wrecked the link.

But in the custom DNS section of the Wiki, it says this, which makes me think it should be possible:

“If you need special NS or TXT records, or have other more complicated requests, contact support. It’s likely that we can accomodate your request.”

So, even if it’s not something you can do through the panel, support should be able to get it done for you.

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