Hosting subdomains from free subdomain services

Is there any way I can host a subdomain created at a free subdomain service such as at dreamhost?

I’m not able to change the nameserver information for obviously since I don’t own it and they don’t let me set NS records on my subdomain either.

Also, the dreamhost panel doesnt seem to allow me to add subdomains without adding their parent domain (which in this case I don’t actually own).

Actually, you could host just the subdomain on dreamhost without hosting the original actual domain. The problem, though, is on no-IP’s end. You would have to enter into no-IP’s system by way of their control panel thing the actual IP address of the server you’re sitting on. Then hope they don’t move your subdomain to a different server for whatever reason. Generally, it’s easier if you also own the domain name the subdomain will belong to, but it’s not required.

Also, it’s fair to point out you can set up a subdomain through the panel, and all the configuration information will be done automatically, negating the need for a service like, which is designed more for, say, running the website in question off your own, local machine.

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I haven’t tried this, but you might be able to add the parent domain to the DreamHost system, even though you don’t own it, it just won’t do much. However, doing this may allow you to then add the sub-domain to the DreamHost system.

Of-course, you still have to figure out how to configure the DNS for the sub-domain to the correct IP address for your particular DreamHost server.

Assuming you do get all this working, it could still be problematic if DreamHost changes the IP address of the server you are on.

It would be much easier to just create a free sub-domain, or pay the $9.95 a year for a ‘real’ domain.


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Yeah, this does seem to work. I do own several domains but the reason I keep this particular no-ip subdomain around is because it is the url a lot of people know for this site and moving it to one of my other domains would confuse them.

I wonder if there is a way to know of another domain that will always be on the same server so I can setup the no-ip subdomain using a CNAME record. None of my other domains are currently on the same server as the no-ip one though.