Hosting sub-domain


I am having a small problem in setting up a sub-domain in my dreamhost account. I have the main domain hosted somewhere else, and just want to host a sub-domain with dreamhost, however when I try to do this it says I do not have permission.

Has anyone else tried to do this before, any ideas how it works?

Thanks in advance

As far as I’m aware, you can only host a subdomain in the same place as the primary domain; however, you can get a free subdomain by choosing instead.

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You’ll have to create the main domain here first, even if you don’t use it. Then create the subdomain. You’ll have to find out what IP address DreamHost gave you for the subdomain, then add it to the other site’s DNS listings.


what if he ponits his domain to DH by setting up the DNS, can he then create a sub-domain?

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No, not unless the parent domain is added to the hosting system. If you try adding a sub-domain for a domain that is not in the system you will receive the error that the original poster quotes.

As Scott said, if you have the parent domain hosted elsewhere and want to host just the sub-domain here, you need to add BOTH the parent domain and sub-domain to the DreamHost system, obtain the sub-domains IP address via the panel then add a DNS A-Record at the other host, pointing the sub-domain to this IP address.

Note; The above procedure will not affect the hosting of the parent domain. Even though it has been added to the DreamHost system, this is done purely as a ‘work-around’, the parent domain will still be hosted where ever it was. You will of-course have an extra web-directory for that parent domain here at DreamHost, but you can ignore that. :slight_smile:


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