Hosting Sub-Domain somewhere else


Current situation:

  • I have purchased a domain name along with one year registration.
  • This domain is hosted with DreamHost ( i.e., NS with DreamHost )

Now I need to host a sub-domain on another web server.

How can I do that? I have tried adding A records against the domain, but it is not working?


  1. add the subdomain to your hosting plan via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add new domain / sub domain
  2. change DNS records to your hosting provider via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> DNS
  3. add the subdomain to the hosting plan with your provider.

It will take few hours for the DNS to propagate.

to clarify: when you add the sub-domain to your account you will need to scroll all the way down on the ‘add’ page to the bottom section titled DNS only.

if you add the sub-domain using the entries at the top of the add page A-records will be automatically generated that point to dreamhost, and those automatically generated records con’t be deleted.

Super thanks![hr]
Not working, maybe I am not getting it.

I clicked on Addd new domain/sub-domain.
Scrolled down to the bottom, I see the DNS only section.
I see following:

Domain to host DNS for:
No sub-domains.

I see the text box.
Now what should I do? I try to enter the subdomain name and click Host Dns ONLY, it gives me error:

You cannot add DNS management to subdomains.

Now what? :\

Found this:

And it worked… yay!

Glad you got it working!

I think your problem was that you had already added the sub-domain as fully hosted sub-domain.

At that point you can ‘remove hosting’ on the sub-domain from the manage domains tab of the panel.

Or you can just delete the sub-domain and add it back as DNS only.

and remember, DNS propagation can take time, it’s not always instant unless you have your workstation/laptop etc’s DNS servers set to dreamhost, and even then remember the rest of the world may still take time to propagate before they can see the site.

Thanks mate.

Yup, I know the how things work.


Really just wanted to clarify for anyone that might find this thread later while researching something. :wink: