Hosting SquirrelMail (or similar), not email itself

Here’s an idea put to me today: Let’s say someone has domain X which isn’t hosted with DH. Can we setup an instance of SquirelMail (SM) in our hosted space which allows people to get their email from that other host X?

Example of use: A friend says “I get my mail for using Outlook but I want to ditch Outlook and start getting my email via my browser.” To help them out I might setup an instance of SM at and configure it to point to their server. Then another friend who has email with says the same thing. Rather than setup a completely new instance of SM, I’d rather set a config file in and use the same SM installation. The thing is that neither domain X nor Y are hosted here.

And, errr, is there already a service like this? Seems like there should be.

Any better options for this than SM?


there are a number of different email packages…roundcube is another. Essentially they are server side IMAP clients. Yes you can install your own squirrel mail on dreamhost, but if you want to point the subdomain to your own instance of squirrelmail AND you want it to be then you will have to contact support to override automatically created dns entires.

I don’t think you would have too much trouble mixing users across domains, but i’m only guessing and basing it on the fact that you can log into a dreamhost webmail using as the user name.