Hosting .se and .dk domain


Is it possible to transfer, and consequently host .se and .dk domains at Dreamhost? Has anyone got experience of this and knows of potential pitfalls and problems to overcome?

I’ve read the thread about hosting .dk domaines but the posts are a few years old now, (-03) so the situation might have changed.



You can not register (or transfer registration) of .se and .dk here, but you can host them here. The .dk hosting issues still apply. You’d first have to set up a placeholder and domain before setting up and



Cheers, thanks for your response.
Will you excuse a newbie here but I can’t find any further instructions/information about setting up a placeholder? And is that necessary even if you creating the site(s) from scratch at dreamhosts server? With the registered elsewhere with dns set to dreamhosts nameservers.


Just like setting up a domain, make a Fully Hosted domain called and one called (assuming your domain is something like You get the idea.

Then you’ll be able to set up a fully hosted domain called, and so on.

It’s 99% of the time necessary because the DreamHost panel assumes that all domains are second level domains (i.e. and already knows about .com, .org, .net, etc. It’s like if you try to create SUB.DOMAIN.COM, but you haven’t set up DOMAIN.COM yet. DreamHost will error because it doesn’t know about DOMAIN.COM yet.

To make a long story short, .se and .dk “domains” really look like subdomains, and you need to create the .co domain first.



According to the Wikipedia entries:

there are a number of second level domains that .se domains are registered within; it doesn’t seem like is one of them. There are, various county-specific subdomains, and a few others for different sorts of entities.

.dk seems to allow direct second level registrations.

– Dan


Hi bestla.

I’m using a .se domain myself on DreamHost and can explain exactly what you will have to do. Besides, .se allow direct second level registrations and has been doing that since the 1980’s. You don’t have to use a third level registration. Practically none of the second level domains listed on Wikipedia is in use today, except for that is used by the military. Everyone is using their own second level domain.

The .se top level domain is administrated by The Internet Infrastructure Foundation. They have a domain manager on their site that allows you to redelegate your domain. You log in with your customer number and your password. If you don’t have a password or don’t know your customer number you can have it sent to you by email from the domain manager.

Once you’re logged into the domain manager you should use it to redelegate your domain to DreamHost. Do that by changing it’s nameservers to, and

Then you have to visit the DreamHost control panel and simply add your domain name under Domains => Manage domains.

Then you’re done. It will take a couple of hours for the redelegation to spread across the Internet, but there’s nothing more you have to do.


Just to make it clear. At least when it comes to .se domains you don’t have to do that sort of thing at all.