Hosting question

Hello everybody!
I was looking in the wiki pages for dreamhost and wondered if it was possible to host 2 web pages on the same account without having to pay $99 per different domain name?

I hope you understand what I mean. I want to have 2 websites.

But just pay one hosting fee. I am glad to pay the hosting fee if thats what it comes down to. But I want to be informed. Thanks!

You get unlimited domains per account, so the answer is “yes.”


When you get the hosting account you can put as many domains as you want on it. Annually, each domain registration is $10: the hosting account comes with one lifetime domain registration/renewal and you can get extras from coupon codes or by paying the annual ICANN fee yourself.

Right now I have seven domains active on my Dreamhost account… I might actually use half of them at some point :smiley:

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Ok, well… I have to admit that I at one time paid $99 for each domain about 2 years ago :slight_smile: Dream Host made out like a bandit on my wallet that year!

Thats ok. So how to I go about setting this up? I don’t wanna b a total n00b, so if someone could even point me to a wiki page that would be much appreciated!

Thanks guys for the reply!

Consider this post closed! I found a wiki page on it and I am hosting my registrations like nobodies business. Thanks guys!

Wait! I have the same question. What’s the wiki page where you got details? Thanks.

Add more domains within Panel.

Click ‘Domains’ in the Main Menu on the left. You can register and add them 'til the cows come home.

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