Hosting Q (I'm blonde on the inside...)

Hi all,

I have two domains with Dreamhost, all hosted and all that good stuff.
But I wanted a new domain and to ‘delete’ one of my originals. I deleted one domain and the hosting that went with it (it still shows up on ‘Manage Domains’ page and offers to re-add hosting) and created the new domain name I wanted.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that the deleted domain still has 3+months left on it, and the newly registered domain does not have an option to add hosting. Ideally I’d like it to be ‘fully hosted’ like the original domain that’s been left untouched.
I’d really like to get this new site up and running (sure, it’ll only be a personal blog site for the time being, but a project’s a project, right?) but I don’t know how to add hosting?

I can’t find anywhere that I can understand where I add hosting packages to my domain… I speak English but technical DH jargon isn’t my native tongue :wink:

Am I able to add hosting to this new domain now, or do I have to wait until May for the deleted domain to ‘run out’ and the option will magically appear for it’s replacement?

Sorry for the essay, I ramble when I’m nervous/confused.

-Lorraine x

Dear Blondie,

It doesn’t matter where or how you registered your new domain. You can type just about anything in when you opt to Fully Host a domain. Click the Add Domain link at the top and fill in the blanks in the Fully Hosted section. Use your new domain. It’ll add it to the system. You may add as many as you like this way.

Your old domain will die a mostly silent death. It’s not taking up any valuable space, so let it die peacefully.

Thanks a lot!
I’ve looked at that page time and time again, but only today did I notice that little blue box that says ‘Fully host this domain’ … I was getting all turned around with all the different options further down the page (Cloaked? Parked? What is this madness?).

I’m all set up now and good to go, thanks again :slight_smile:

-Lorraine x