Hosting Problem

Ok here’s my problem…

I own the domain (registered through

Now I signed up to with dreamhost to host and register the domain

Problem is this…

I want to host www.shutterspark off dreamhost also

I followed all procedures given in the wiki/help files

I changed my dns to point to the correct dreamhost dns addresses

They have had at least 48 + hours to propegate or whatever

Now when I go into my dreamhost Control Panel to add that domain I get this error

“Can’t add domain: already in our system.”

any help is appreciated

thanks, amish

Has that domain ever been hosted on DreamHost before?

If so, you will need to contact support and have them remove it from the system, so that you may re-add it.

If the domain has never been hosted on DreamHost and you have not previously added it via the panel (ie: It doesn’t appear in Domains -> Manage Domains), then I can only guess that you have run into some kind of system glitch, which wouldn’t be too surprising considering the current DNS problems that DreamHost is experiencing.


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There’s also the possibility that the previous domain owner was a dreamhost customer.

Same solution, though!

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It looks like the problem was sorted. works, and it has a dreamhost-style directory, meaning that its probably in the system.

Just contact support. Sounds like someone had it previously, they will fix it for you. I had this same issue before.

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