Hosting pricing makes no sense right now

My hosting is going up for renewal soon so I went to look at the price. The current offering of prices confuses me:

$71.40 monthly
$42.70 yearly
$71.40 every 2 years
$71.40 every 3 years
$71.40 every 5 years
$71.40 every 10 years

So if I read this correctly, it costs the same price for 10 years of hosting as it does for 1 month? Why are all of the tiers the same price? It would make no sense to select anything other than the 10 year option.

Can someone tell me if I am correct in understanding this? Because if I am, I’m switching to the 10 yr option ASAP.

(I’m currently on a yearly billing cycle, fyi)

EDIT: Just to be doubly sure, because I’m paranoid of being charged $700 if I switch to ten years: Can someone confirm that if I switch to ten years, I will be charged a onetime fee of $71.40 and not be charged again until the year 2022?

Hi there!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with that set of pricing plans. Can you let us know where you’re seeing that? Our current hosting plans are priced as follows (excluding any promo codes):

Happy Hosting - 1 year - $119.40
Happy Hosting - 2 years - $214.80
Happy Hosting - 3 years - $286.20
Happy Hosting - 5 years - $417.00
Happy Hosting - 10 years - $714.00

Please let me know where you’re seeing that pricing and I’ll be happy to look into it for you! Thanks :slight_smile:

The display you’re seeing is a known bug that we’re looking into. The prices Elle listed will apply if you switch to any billing cycle other than your current one.

Thanks for the reply. I figured this was too good to be true… It’s in my control panel under “Manage Account” under the section “Service Plans.”

I can’t see any way to upload photos to posts so I put a screencap up on my site:


Thanks Andrew. I’ll avoid switching my billing cycle for now.