Hosting podcast files on DreamObjects

For the last couple of years, I’ve been hosting my podcast mp3s and RSS feed files on a DreamObjects server. Admittedly, I’ve never known for sure if this is a best practice, but I assumed it was a better approach than simply placing all of the files in my standard shared hosting directory. (I’ve been reluctant to host the files via a site like LibSyn because their services and fees seem to be directed at non-developers.)

I’ve recently realized a downside of hosting a podcast in DreamObjects occurs when your DreamObjects hostname is unexpectedly set to change, which I’ve been informed mine will by September 2016.

First, is hosting podcast files on a DreamObjects server a good practice? If so, is there a way to set up the recommended 301 Redirects on those DreamObjects files in order to properly accommodate the hostname change, as is instructed here:

Here is an example of one of my feeds:

Thank you for any input or recommendations.

Absolutely, it makes a lot of sense to store and distribute mp3 files from DreamObjects. Now, I believe DreamHost will keep the old domain name for a while and redirect automatically. I would suggest you to create an alias for your bucket though so you can use your own domain to distribute the mp3. You could modify also the rss feed so that all files point to your own domain and that should solve the problems in the future, too.


Thanks for the quick response, sorry for the delayed reply. Your alias recommendation makes sense, and I’ve gone ahead created one, which I should’ve done from the outset. However, for the past couple years, I’ve gained subscribers who rely on the soon-to-be expiring link ( as their podcast feed subscription link. Podcast peeps strongly suggest that a 301 redirect is used to redirect those subscribers to my new permanent alias (, but I obviously can’t create a 301 redirect for Is there anything I can do to prevent that old link from breaking completely after the configuration changes start to take effect on September 5?

Thanks again for your input.

Without access to the Objects server, you’re out of luck. I can only suggest you start adding a blurb to your podcasts announcing the new URL. And track down any other place the old URL exists and revise them as well.

If people are still checking out your old podcasts, maybe you can update them with the same blurb.

The security team is investigating options, maybe we can put a redirect for the GET requests only but it’s not a guarantee. Stay tuned for official communications on this topic, they’ll come via email to customers.

Meanwhile, since you have at least a few weeks before Sep 5, remind your listeners on the show to go to to get their latest episodes.

Will, do. Thanks for looking further into it and possibly serving up a long term solution. The effort is appreciated and the alias-less bucket lesson is learned. :slight_smile: