Hosting plans


I’m new to hosting plans and I just want to know the differences between: shared, reseller, professional, delicated, webdev, VPS ?

I’ve a shared hosting account in DH for an E-commerce, but it seems so slow. Any suggestions ?

Thank you


shared server
Multiple sites are hosted in the same server. All the sites share the resources such CPU, RAM.

They are business men. They may not have their own data centers. They purchase disk space, bandwidth, or servers from data centers and resell to customers with their own packages.

More features are provided in the hosting plan such as media streaming, audio streaming ,etc.

dedicated server
There is only one site hosted in one server. Comparing to shared server, all the resources of the server go to one web site and performance is much improved. Of course, the price also increases.

It is meant for you to protect your files or directories with a valid user name and password. For example: you may want to protect /home/user/ folder so that only you can view your site statistics.

Virtual Private Server divides a dedicated server into multiple isolated partitions, evenly sharing server resources among no more than 10 (usually) customers per server. The performance in VPS is much better than in shared servers.

If you have any other questions, DH Wiki may be your best friend.

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Is it always slow or is it only sometimes slow? Is it slow for everyone or just you? Are the static pages you have slow or just the dynamic e-commerce site?

Put up some test pages or sites and see how they compare. Post your url and get folks here to help you evaluate your site’s performance.

If your site is sometimes fast, that points to either site load or shared server load as a potential culprit and your actions to remedy that are different from your site being persistently slow or not-so-fast. There are distinctly different things you can do to reduce the spikyness of your performance vs. generally optimizing the performance of your web application. And there’s always the third possibility that your site is just slow for your internet connection.

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Is it a good idea to get an Reseller plan for E-commerce and can you explain why?
I found out the reason why my site is slow because there was an issue on the server and still not solved.


A ‘Reseller Plan’ is (generally) for reselling hosting packages in a shared environment.

A suitable plan can only be determined by the type of site you want to run, it’s content, and ultimately it’s popularity. An Ecommerce site would benefit by having it’s own IP (for SSL certificate sake) - but you can even get around that in many cases. On face value I’d suggest you’d be looking to get a VPS or a PS solution in the long term, but that’s not to say a shared environment wouldn’t suit your purpose for a start, especially while you’re creating/designing the site, and there are many low-use eCommerce sites functioning perfectly well on shared servers all over the Net at many different hosts.

Hopefully you’ll become popular enough to require a Private Server!

As for the slowness of your current server, check the Status pages for any notices on planned upgrades that are underway presently… you might find your site will be on brand new hardware in a new datacenter shortly! If the current upgrades aren’t going to affect the server you’re on you can ask Support to move your site to a different server :wink:

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