Hosting plans?


I was going to post here before trying to put in a ticket with the contact form.

Im just curious. I signed up for the domain and hosting in 2006. I have “crazy domain insane”. I have accumilated over time to have 289 GB, which I hardly even use 1gb. Id love a plan with something smaller since most of what I pay for I hardly even use. I host my own personal site, and a firefighter sight but with both combined I would still need NO MORE than a few gigabytes just to be safe. I was just wondering if there were a few plans to choose from? I looked around on the site adn couldnt find but the 500gb plan which is already more than I have and need now.


The DreamHost dudes have simplified their shared hosting packages by offering only a single plan that has oodles of goodies. The old plans still exist if you have them (I still have the “Code Monster” plan). I have quite a large number of domains hosted, yet I still only use a fraction of the bandwidth and disk space available. If you are paying more for your plan than deal being offered at the moment, you can switch if you like.

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Start hosting sites for all of your (trusted) friends. At $10/month, they can chip in a few bucks (or a sixpack) each year and it’ll be like having bargain hosting.

Even those of us who host multiple sites aren’t even approaching 10% of the allocated space and bandwidth.



ill just stick with what I got…i dont really want to change host because i like this one so much.

I dont really have any friends who are interested in a site, they use myspace as their personal “space”. I still prefer my personal site over myspace hah. So, I guess I will find some use for it, and just appreciate the space available though not used.


Yeah, I’m not really in the myspace demographic either.

I’m just not cool enough. :slight_smile:

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MySpace reminds me of AOL in its earlier days. It seems tailored to the lowest common denominator of the Internet.