Hosting Plans

Did I miss the announcement about a major bandwidth upgrade on the shared hosting packages? I browsing around in the control panel and noticed that there was a huge amount of available bandwidth. At first I thought it was an error, but it’s also been updated on all the plan descriptions.

Anyway, consider me surprised and extremely happy DreamHost customer. Thanks Guys. Happy Holidays.


All that bandwidth, it’s a dream come true. :smiley:

Crap. Now I’ve run out of excuses for disallowing avatars on my forum. :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t “only God may use avatars” still a good excuse?


The mighty mouse of “Admin” shall smite the avatars and drive them from their profiles. The admin saw this, and it was good.

One disaster averted. Now for heaven’s sake, please don’t put me in jeopardy again by tripling the disk space. I could survive doubling it, but tripling it, well that would be perilous.