Hosting plans questions


Lemme start off by saying that I’m a pretty technical individual - I’m just new at the web-hosting stuff, since most of my experience has been setting up websites for other people, rather than my own.

I’ve got a handful of what I suspect will be low-traffic websites I want to host. I figure the shared hosting plan will take care of that.

But, I also have a few grandiose ideas that might end up being moderate traffic websites. Should I get a new plan per each “big” website? Or do I simply upgrade plans and have all my existing websites be covered by the upgraded plan?

I don’t want to be a “bad neighbor” and maybe overload the machine all my websites are hosted on. =D

Summing it up:

Website a, b, c = low traffic.
Website d, e = moderate traffic.

a, b, c, d, e == lots of traffic on the same server.

What would I do with d, e in this scenario? New hosting plan? VPS?

What is “high traffic” for you ?
You can host most websites on DH, and it does not matter if all are on the same plan.

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I don’t know - maybe, 60k uniques a day.

Since this is a web app though I’m worried about people hitting it and then getting a “account suspended because of…” too much bandwidth, cpu, etc. I’m also wondering what’ll happen if Digg eye puts its Eye of Sauren on my website and there’s a big traffic spike.

Oddly enough, DreamHost doesn’t really seem to want people to get multiple shared hosting plans. They do say that you can only have one account - which I interpret as only one normal shared account. I’m sure they’d be more than happy for you to have several dedicated server accounts. :slight_smile:

Anyway, as a matter of practical advice I’d suggest just having one account with all your sites. Monitor your site performance and turn resource monitoring on.

Would the price of DreamHost PS be prohibitive to you if it turned out that you needed that level of resources?

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You can always go with the shared hosting first. If necessary it would be a simple matter to upgrade to a PS at a later date.

From what I’ve seen dreamhost can be quite accommodating and would probably move your sites to a different server anyway if they were affecting others.

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Thanks for the replies, guys. Seems I’ll be OK for awhile.

Dreamhost PS seems like a good solution (as long as it launches sometime in the near future) and it seems like it could fit my needs.

BTW, after you get your DreamHost account, there’s a page in your control panel where you can sign up for DreamHost PS. The waiting list seems to be two or three weeks long, but you’ll eventually be switched over.

In other words, DreamHost PS is in “soft launch” mode right now!

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