Hosting Plans? Doubling Bandwidth?


I recently purchased the happy hosting 5 year plan. How can I purchase another hosting plan on my same account so I can double my bandwidth, or is this possible?


I don’t think this is possible on same account
[color=#CC0000]each customer is only allowed ONE account with DreamHost![/color]

I’m not sure what you are going to do but I don’t think that will double your bandwidth as you expected. Unless you are having two domains and have them set up in different servers.

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You mean to say that the 5 Terabytes of bandwidth per month isn’t enough? Must be pr0n or warez. Halfway kidding here, because I don’t know much else that generates that much traffic on a shared server.

If there’s that much of a demand on your site, maybe a shared server isn’t the right solution.



And… Don’t forget that your bandwidth increases every week. You may want to think again before you invest on second account.

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Even I don’t think p0rn or warez site can ever reach that :stuck_out_tongue:



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5TB is fine, good amount of traffic. 500GB od storage also is great. The only touble is that you NEVER come to use that much simply because the Dreamhost service it too bad for it. Outages, slowdows and short drops are common on WWW service so you never use up your bandwidth.

I thought that setting up Private Server would make the situation better, but the reality (I already have PS) is the exact opposite. Bad service went into no service at all. My PS does NOT work at all, all my sites are down all the time. I reboot, the works for a while (a few minutes) at lightning speed and the everything stops. No WWW at all.

To use all 500 GB of space, you would need good upload speed. This is another problem at Dreamhost - constant FTP crisis. You start uploading, it starts up very fast and in a whiole it slows down to crawl. Dreamhost probably uses some kind of bandwidth tthrottling to prevent people from moving around too much data by FTP.

So - for just a very simple personal site, go do Dreamhost’s shared hosting. The setup is fast, domain registration is done in minutes, the control panel is near perfect.

But - if you want a professional site - forget Dreamhost!

I did make this mistake, I built over a dozen of profi sites, spent months working 20 hours per day and now I’m one very very unhappy client of Dreamhost.

…I just rebooted my server again and again it is at lightning speed. A few minutes from now it will be dead again…



Wow, that sucks. Yea, I’m wanting to run about… atleast 5 websites which could get alot of hits each month. TO all my repliers… No, I’m not hosting warez or any of that junk, I’m a photographer and indie film maker. This = Mega Bandwidth per individual hit. So, I just don’t want to over exceed my limit, dreamhost seems to have the best shared hosting solution out there right now. And I have about 8 domains I’m wanting to run, each multimedia rich and 5 of which are insanely rich with media content (btw, I don’t do porn, clean content).
So, what are my options gentlemen? and gentle ladies?


fvanicek recently had a problem when DH moved his server from shared server to virtual private server. All his site were down during the transfer. He raised the issue by multi-posting in this forum. Fortunately, his server and all his sites are up now.

To make a decision which server you will need, shared server, virtual private server, or dedicated server, you will need to first estimate your traffic.

In a shared server, all the resources are shared by all users in the same server. Resources include disk space, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM. In virtual private server, fixed CPU and RAM resources are allocated to your site and therefore your site will be more stable. The dedicated server is the best because you yourself own one machine. All the resources of the machine are allocated to your server. But it is very expensive.

From what I see, you will host a lot of pictures in your websites. The bandwidth will be the priority for your sites, which I don’t think it is a problem in DH (5TB is a lot). However, if you will build an application to manage your photo with MySQL database, that involves a lot of scripting and queries. You will need to put CPU and RAM into consideration when the traffic of your site keeps increasing.

I am not a network expert but just to share my personal opinions. The best is to find a professional server administrator.

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  1. How many photos?
  2. Are you going to use/create a web application to display them or just use static galleries?
  3. Are you going to be one of those “demanding” sites that uses a dynamic panning/zooming picture displayer?
  4. How much video are you going to be hosting? Were you thinking of letting folks download it or are you going to stream the content? What streaming server are you thinking of using?

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