Hosting plan (shared v.s VPS vs...) for external SMTP server access?

Currently on a GoDaddy shared hosting plan. Using an email app (Sendy) that uses external SMTP servers to send (Amazon SES, or, in my case, trying to use SendGrid). GoDaddy shared doesn’t allow external SMTP access, and if I’m going to change, might as well dump GD for DH :slight_smile:

I can’t find any documentation that definitively says which hosting level supports external SMTP server access. Assume it would take at least VPS, but need to confirm before I do anything.

And, just realized I meant to post this in the Curious About forum.

All plans support SMTP at DreamHost :wink:

As mentioned SMTP is available, but a quick google of sendy tells me that you may be trying to send alot… which you can’t do. This page should give you the answers you’re looking for:

Thanks you two- and think I didn’t communicated this right- yes I’m trying to send email. A lot of email. But my email is not originating from DH on a DH IP- it’s originating from SendGrid on their IP (and actually, I might be going with a large enough plan so I’ve got a dedicated IP for origination). What I need is to be able to talk to SendGrid from my DH-hosted app, over TLS or SSH on 25, 587, & 2525, or 465, relaying over the messages such that SendGrid physically sends/delivers them. GoDaddy doesn’t allow this at all (use of external SMTP servers in their shared hosting tier).