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I’ve had DH for years now. Since, 2010 I think? I have the Happy Hosting plan that I pay for monthly right now. I think this is basically the same as the new Shared Unlimited.

I’ve been considering changing to VPS, because from what I’ve read, you still can’t use any server javascript code (like npm, node.js, etc.) in Shared hosting. Is that correct?

I tried searching around the site and then I saw the new Cloud hosting and dream objects, which just confused me more. I guess my biggest question is trying to figure out whether switching to pure cloud hosting would be reasonable or if that isn’t a good option for me.

For someone who would be using very little resources (I only have a couple of very small footprint sites), but who needs access and the ability to implement various technologies, which would be the best and cheapest option, do you think?


Is it possible to just have the cloud hosting plan, without also having one of the shared hosting ones? It didn’t seem clear if the cloud was an add-on or not.

Would there be any benefits of a VPS basic plan over the cloud? Or vice versa?


I’m really torn between the Basic VPS plan and a DreamCompute plan.

I could keep my shared plan for my current wordpress sites and then add on one 512 mb dreamcompute for a future project, because I think that would basically be the same price as removing my shared and transferring everything over to the basic VPS. So price doesn’t seem like a deciding factor anymore.

What would the actual day to day differences be between working with dreamcompute versus the VPS option?


@penarddun - I’ve been with DreamHost for 13 years now. As documented in my notes in this forum I did the same kind of soul searching about plans that you have, including looking to other companies.

I decided to keep my business here at DH and to split my sites between shared space and DreamCompute (the Cloud option)

In short, with Managed VPS, DH supports the LAMP stack and keeps the hardware running for you. With DreamCompute you get Full, Complete, Total control of every aspect of the environment, including : Choice of hardware config, choice of OS, choice of web servers and databases, fine management of firewall access, and yes, you can put any software you want into YOUR servers. DH doesn’t support any of this. It is our responsibility to do all OS and app updates, get backups, secure access, and do everything else that is managed in VPS.

DC is a significant undertaking. You must be somewhat adept at Linux management and there is always something to learn about which files need a tweak for some new need. I’ve found the freedom to be very rewarding. I have some sites in shared space, and other sites and applications (email server, minecraft, others) in DC.

Experimentation with DC is really painless. You don’t need to give up anything in shared space or VPS to try it. You can run a small server for an entire month for less than $7. Try it. See how it works. Keep what’s work and delete what doesn’t. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thank you so much for your valuable feedback.

Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback :slight_smile:


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