Hosting plan comparison

I’m on CrazyInsane since 2007. I’ve only used about 16GB space so far.
Am I better off on another plan?

Is there a full comparison chart?

Our current shared hosting plan is $8.95/month for a two-year plan ($214.80 every two years); the plan you’re on is discounted to $7.95/month for the same duration ($190.80 every two years). You’re actually getting a better deal than new customers would!

We don’t really have a comparison chart, as we’ve only got one hosting plan these days (Happy Hosting). There’s nothing to compare it to besides our VPS and dedicated plans.

  • i just read this post that someone else has the crazy insane plan for
    7.95 month but my crazy insane plan is $9.95 per month - why? how do i get changed to a dreamhost plan for 7.95 per month?

That plan was offered between 2003 and 2007. We no longer offer that particular plan (sorry! times change), but you can still get Happy Hosting for $8.95/month with a two-year prepayment, or even lower prices for longer periods. If you’re interested, you can change up your billing plan at: