Hosting Performance?

Hi, i have a website with mambo, a phpbb forum and coppermine gallery,sometimes, my website have a peak uf users (50 a 70 users in mambo) and 20 a 30 users in phpbb, i dont know how many users in the gallery.

I have between 1500 and 2500 unique visitors daily, ¿dreamhost can support them?

Yes DH can support them.

it’s not a little hosting :wink:

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Do you have a decent understanding of the performance characteristics of your site? How many cpu cycles it chews up under peak load, how much memory?

The main question is: Where is it hosted now and what, if anything, have the sysadmins there said about your site?

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For space and bandwidth wise, you do not need to worry. DH provides more than enough bandwidth for most of the users.

Sometime we refer people to look at DH’s existing customers to have a general idea of the performance in DH. But the performance will be different at different time in different location in shared server.

Do not forget. DH guarantees 97 days money back. If you realized DH is not your choice, you can always get the money back.

Note: $9.95/yr of domain registration fee is not refundable. You can have a free dreamhosters sub-domain and try it out.

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Don’t use DH for mysql. It is a foo.

I’ll be honest, I used to recommend dreamhost, but after almost 2 full years I can’t.

they simply don’t run mysql properly. A site I have running on two hosts takes 45+ seconds to load on dreamhost today. The fastest it loaded in the past 3 months was 6 seconds, one day, after a support person heavily tweaked it. (It was loading in 15+! before then)

After 3 months dreamhost keeps moving me from server to server. Nothing ever changes. Site still loads incredibly slow.

My non-dynamic sites load in 2 seconds. I know it isn’t the webserver. I keep sending them all the speed results.

MEanwhile, my mysql is using an incredibly small amount of resources: according to 3 seperate techs so far. I checked–they aren’t lying.

Would a move to DreamhostPS help? I wish I knew. No one will answer that though I’ve asked 5 times.

I have a 6 dollar a month account running the same programming, loading in 2 seconds. Another site is running on an overloaded university server which is hammered by students & visitors–it loads in under 1 second.

How can I recommend dreamhost? I love the environmental conscience, and the employee owned business. I just wish they backed that up with SOME tiny amount of reliability.

Lots of folks are running MySQL heavy applications here with no problem. Lots of folks everywhere spend lots of time tweaking database performance to eke out decent app performance.

If you’re writing a custom app, it’s very easy to design a horrible database. Why don’t you post your database design here and we’ll take a look at it. We won’t even charge the usual database consultant fee of $2000 a day. :slight_smile:

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Evidently somethins cookin behind the scenes and unsaid, because over the last couple of days I’ve noticed a DEFINITE improvement in my site’s performance. Images are loading on my pages noticeably faster, and wordpress is now “snapping” open even without wp-cache. Somewhere (didn’t see it again on a quick glance around) I have seen someone else make a similar comment.

I was “content” with my site’s performance before… but I am getting downright happy about it now… crossing fingers, but a couple of days straight, and NO DOUBT noticeable, and consistently so. It could be that Dreamhost are tuning things, or perhaps a hog was booted from my server… don’t know, just enjoying the benefits!

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I have a simple WordPress site hosted there and it takes it 10-15 seconds to load - even a JUST installed WordPress site with only the initial 1 article just took almost 15 seconds to load.

I just pulled up shocktart’s (one of their machines) stats with uptime:
08:22:26 up 43 days, 12:15, 6 users, load average: 24.21, 24.09, 23.09

While I like the price, it is often extremely slow loading. I have recommended DH in the past, but at present I am not doing so until performance improves.

You can always try them and within the money-back guarantee get your money back, but if my experience is typical, you’ll be wanting it back.

Now, I primarily use Dreamhost as my testing server.

My JUST installed WP site with only the 1 initial article loads pretty fast…

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My old blog with lots of posts, plugins and frills loads quickly here.


[quote]I’ll be honest, I used to recommend dreamhost, but after almost 2 full years I can’t.

they simply don’t run mysql properly. A site I have running on two hosts takes 45 seconds to load on dreamhost today. The fastest it loaded in the past 3 months was 6 seconds, one day, after a support person heavily tweaked it. (It was loading in 15 ! before then)[/quote]

I wonder if anyone else having that problem too. What web application are you running ?

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I am considering to sign up with dream host. Lurking in the forums I found this thread. Some of the allegations made here are very serious. Can the users with their slow pages put the url here as I would really like to see it for my self. I plan to rely a lot on SQL databases so performance is very important to me.

Well, this is still a shared server. How slow is your page?

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Are you planning to write your own application or use a prepackaged application?

When you say you plan to rely a lot on SQL databases, what kind of connection and query load are you talking about? Are you going to have a few very large queries or a large volume of very small queries? Are your queries going to be able to issued through a single connection or are they going to end up having to use a newly established connection every time (depends on how your script is set up).

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OK Dreamhosts guarantees me monthly 5 TB bandwith with signup. Assuming I run a CMS system, let’s say that the average size of one generated page is 100KB. Let’s assume that for every page, CMS has to hit MySQL 10 times.

That means in a month I will have around 500,000,000 hits to DB. That means that every second will be around 200 hits. Since this is on average you can assume that during busy hours this will be around 2000 hits to MySQL per second, EVERY second. So can dreamhost really fullfill this?

A quota is not a “guarantee”, and whether or not you can actually serve that much bandwidth depends a lot on how efficiently you use the CPU.

I wouldn’t try that on a shared server.

You may well run into CPU usage problems, or concurrent connection problems, well before you use your bandwidth depending upon your code.

What CMS are you using, and how can you optimize it’s MySQL usage? Are you caching? :wink:


Hi I am using drupal. I am only interested whether problems reported by persons in this thread are true, and if they are is it because they run unoptimized code or dreamhost is overselling their resources.

Further more, why is this important, even if the problem is on the side of the user who runs unoptimized code. I can never know if I am sharing a machine with that person, so that means no matter how good my code is, I am still going to have big hit in performance. If there is a hint of problems with hosting it is very likely that I will run into this problems no matter how hard I try. I am just waiting to hear official dreamhost opinion.

Drupal has been reported to run slowly on DreamHost shared servers. The combination of heavy MySQL usage, the fact that the MySQL servers are on different machines than the web server (extra network trip), and the inability to control what other users on the machine are doing all have to do with that.

Some of that is probably attributable to DreamHost’s structure, but a lot of it also has to do with the fact that it is “shared” hosting.

With the MySQL demand you describe, I think you are absolutely correct about that. Such is the nature of shared servers. If you want complete freedom from those concerns, obviously you should be looking at a different type of solution, such as a dedicated box, or even a less powerful Linux-Vserver (like DreamHost P.S.).

Sure, it would be nice to be able to have snappy performance with heavy MySQL usage, with the bandwidth and space DreamHost offers, at the current DreamHost price. but the reality is that the kind of usage you describe is at least “ambitious” for such a set-up. Why set yourself up for disappointment? IF the low price is what is attracting you, you can always give it a try with the 97-Day Money Back Guarantee, but that’s a lot of work if you already anticipate it is not going to work for you.

Like I said before, I would not expect to get acceptable performance at the level of usage you describe, using Drupal, on the DreamHost shared server plan. Of course, YMMV and my opinion probably doesn’t mean much as I have only hosted here for several years and am not likely to know what you could reasonably expect. :wink:

By the way, this is primarily a customer-to-customer forum and, while they occasionally drop in, DreamHost staff rarely post here … but you never know. Maybe you will get an “official dreamhost opinion”. :wink:

You could also ask them “officially” with a pre-sales information request, via their Contact Form. Good Luck!


Well, I’m sure that everyone in the thread is telling the truth.

streever’s dynamic sites using mysql are slow despite “using an incredibly small amount of resources”. I’m not quite sure exactly why his site is slow and he hasn’t posted his sql design and queries so it’s hard to say what bottleneck he’s hitting. From his account of running faster on other sites I’d guess it’s data-related, but that’s just me talking out my a**. It could very well be related to the cost of creating new database connections.

dwr’s move from “content” to “happy” with no changes with his WordPress site is curious, but probably related to a hog being booted from his server. I only say that because in the same time period I’ve noticed no change in the performance of my WordPress sites and it does happen a lot.

CentaurAtlas looks like he’s on a heavily loaded server, but it’s hard to tell just from the load average without cpu utilization since load average includes NFS waits. Again, chances are this is due to a single hog.

BTW, I don’t use the term “hog” disparagingly. At work, some of my applications have taken up several clustered server’s worth of resources. I didn’t complain about that (well, actually, I did think it was a bit excessive when I calculated I’d need one server per simultaneous user but when optimized to 20 concurrent users we were pretty happy. Were we hogs? Definitely. Are we still hogs? Sure we are, in the context of shared hosting. Is that bad? Not considering how much value our customers get from our application.

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I’m a current Dreamhost customer. I’m very disappointed with DH’s ability to manage my email environment. I’m only getting connected to webmail via browser 20% of the time. Often errors and failed to connect messages. I’ve reported the problems to support, but they only seem to apologize. I have not been offered any type of refund nor will they call me back to discuss. I’ll probably start looking for new host provider. I would advise you all to do the same.