Hosting people

So, how do I host people on this here crazy dreamhost place? I have had domains for years and hosted many people so I feel like a bit of an idiot but I can’t work it out…I set up a new user ‘always’ and gave them their FTP info, they can login fine and have uploaded stuff…but when you go to there is nothing there!! Same problem with /dolce…I am guessing I have missed some step where I connect the files and the URLs, or…something?!

You need to remap a subdirectory for them:


Ok great, that helps thank you…but first I am guessing i need to make them ‘fully hosted’ somehow, as they don’t show up in the drop down box for me to ‘remap’, looking through the wiki now to see if I can find out how but not having much luck :frowning:

edit: Ok found it, but now how do I add the subdomain? Whatever I put in the ‘domain to host’ box it says it is invalid. sigh

You add sub-domains exactly the same way as full domains, in the panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain, just enter the full sub-domain in the Domain to host: box before hitting the Fully host this domain now! button.

Actually, if you want to provide hosting for others under your account, sub-domains are probably the easiest way to arrange things. Simple create a new machine user for each person, then create a new sub-domain under the control of that particular user. This way, when they FTP to their sub-domain, they will only see the files relating to their sub-domain.

Edit: Your screen capture indicates that you are not inputting the full sub-domain. You need to enter something like


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As Raz stated, an easier way to do this would be to create a fully hosted subdomain for each user.

If you really want to continue with, then you don’t need to create a fully hosted subdomain. Remapping just gives that user a directory in your domain.

You’ll need to create a “www” (or some such name) directory in the home directory of “always”, and you can remap /home/always/www to


Thank you very much for the help, I think I was making it overly complicated for myself! I have it all worked out now :smiley: