Hosting .net core 2.1 API

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I’ve mostly worked with PHP but I’m testing the waters on building a React application using a .net core 2.1 API. Do any dreamhost plans even support hosting .netcore 2.1 API projects?


I’ve been asking about .NET here for over a decade - I develop with PHP, Java, C#, (and 20 other languages through the decades) - so I’ve always seen value in this. DH has preferred to avoid anything with the name Microsoft attached. I can’t really blame them - they’re sticking to their core competence with Linux, but yes, that now includes .NET.

The easy solution is to use DreamCompute. Install a Linux server of your choice, .NET Core, and anything else you want. For a small config it’s only $6/month and you can do whatever you want in there. You get lots of free disk, you can cancel at any time. I have several DC instances and love them. At some point, when there’s time (ROFLMAO) I’ll also install .NET Core to get up to speed on that.



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